Fines & Fees

How to Purchase Mariners Tickets for PineCrest Choir performance on May 26th. 
Deadline to purchase is Tuesday, May 1st--No Exceptions!!!)

Come to the game and see our Panther Chorus students sing the National Anthem.  

Please click here to proceed with the order.


You can pay for lunch with check, cash or online. If you pay by check, please put your student’s name on the check and deposit it in the black box on Mrs. Klahr's desk. Please make checks payable to PineCrest Elementary.

If you pay by cash, please place the money in an envelope and write your student’s name on the envelope, then place it in the locked black box. You can pay for meals and many fees and fines online.

Pay for Meals Online

If you have an account, use MySchoolBucks to:

Please note that My School Bucks charges a $2.50 transaction fee. If you do not have an account, visit our Food Services payment page to learn how to get one.

Pay for Library Books and Textbook Fines

Please contact Lindsay Swanberg, our library clerk, to pay these fines.  She can be reached at 360-662-9221.