Visiting & Messages

We love visitors and volunteers! Please arrange your visit ahead of time by calling your childs teacher since the class may be having a test or be involved in an activity that would not lend itself to visitors. 

As you enter the building, visitors must enter through the main office. 

Every visitor who enters our school will be asked to show a valid, government-issued ID. We use a system called Raptor to scan the ID [name, date of birth and photo] and check it against a national database of registered sex offenders. Once entry is approved, we will issue a visitor badge. Before leaving, visitors will also need to check out through our office.

Visitors will only need to scan their ID the first time they visit our school. A badge will not be necessary to drop off an item in the office, check in a student or pick up paperwork.

If you wish to discuss a matter with your child
s teacher, please call ahead of time to make sure that the teacher will be available. 

All volunteers must complete a Washington State volunteer disclosure form and be approved before you can volunteer in classrooms. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more.