Sora At PineCrest


Sora has come to PineCrest. Sora is the school version of Overdrive which is the same e-Book system that the Kitsap Regional Library uses.

If you use the link below, it should take you to Central Kitsap's Sora page and you won't need to search for our District. If you are still asked to find our school/district, use the information located below in the section for, "Getting Started With Sora". 

The Network Username is the regular password for your student and the password is their normal password. Since student Chromebooks remember their user names, there is a chance that your student won’t remember their login, if that's the case, here’s a helpful tip. Their student login was created by using up to the first seven letters of their last name, then the last four digits of their password followed by their first initial—no spaces. 

Below you will find links to various getting started guides that may help you at home with your various devices. 

Since this is a shared resource throughout the district, you'll want to make sure you search for Central Kitsap School District when using the Sora app on your device. 

Getting Started With Sora--Since you can install the Sora app on your device, phone, tablet, etc. If you plan on doing it that way, you'll need the information below:
Click on "Find your school". Then, instead of searching for PineCrest, you'll select "My school isn't listed and in "Find Your School" type in "98311". Select Central Kitsap School District. 

Getting started with Sora (PDF)
Using Sora--Help
I'm having a problem using Sora