Our PTA supports our school and programs for student. If you're interested in working with children or becoming more involved in supporting the school program, volunteering with PTA is a great way to do it!  Please contact us via email at or call at 360-662-9240.  We look forward to hearing from you.

PTA membership is open to all parents, teachers and interested community members. 

2019-20 PTA Membership Form

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2019- Officers
President Amy Northey Co-Vice President Lena Richards
Secretary Krista Radeke
Treasurer Kris Garza Legislative Advocate: Christina Rakestraw Volunteer Coordinator: Brandi Edwards

2018-19 PTA Membership

PineCrest PTA’s 2018-2019 budget was approved on June 8, 2018.  It includes over $11,000 in grants for PineCrest Elementary.  PineCrest PTA is happy to contribute to all of the following:

  • AR Program
  • Bug Club
  • Classroom Support (to reimburse teachers for classroom supplies)
  • Coding Club
  • Enrichment Grants 
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Field Day
  • Field Trips
  • Fifth Grade Promotion
  • Green Team
  • Job Squad
  • Kids at Hope Leadership Team
  • Lice Elimination Treatment
  • Math Facts
  • Mystery Science (3rd grade)
  • Panther Incentives (Rice Krispy Treats and pencils for Panther of the Month recipients and Panther Paw prizes)
  • Patrol Learning Experience
  • Razz Kids (Kindergarten and 1st grade)
  • Reading Olympics Medals
  • Science Action Club/O Squad
  • School Picture Framing
  • Senior Alumni Breakfast
  • Special Ed Mobile Whiteboard
  • Spelling City
  • Workroom Grant (for new die cuts)
  • Testing Gum/Snacks (3rd, 4th, 5th grades)
  • Time for Kids (3rd and 5th grades)