Rules & Conduct

Our building procedures are established to:

  1. Ensure the safety of all students.
  2. Provide a secure building
  3. Foster effective management of our entire student body of 400 students.
  4. Provide structures to guide student behavior at all times.

We ask that you review the following procedures with your child(ren) to help them understand our expectations and, in turn, be more successful at school. In addition to the school rules on this page, we ask all students and parents to review the district's Student Rights & Responsibilities each year.

Patrol/Adult Crossing Guards

The school patrol and adult crossing guards are present to provide safe walking conditions for students. They are trained by the county Sheriff's Office and are on duty until 8:10 a.m. and after school until all students have crossed safely. Students are expected to follow their direction at all times.

Bus Riding Privileges

Bus service is a privilege for students. While at bus stops, students are expected to:

  • Wait in an area and manner that is safe
  • Respect private property
  • Interact with others in a respectful and responsible manner

While on the bus, students are expected to:

  • Stay seated and face forward at all times
  • Be respectful of others, including the driver


  • Breakfast is 7:50 – 8:15 a.m. in the gym.
  • Students eating breakfast may enter the gym at 7:50 a.m.
  • When students are finished, they must leave through the outside gym doors and line up outside their exterior classroom door or staircase.


    For safety reasons, students should not be dropped off at school before 8 a.m. unless they are eating breakfast or in the Y Kids Program.

    • Students can be dropped off at the front of the school by the front office doors or by the flagpole and continue to their exterior classroom door or staircase door.  
    • Students should NOT be dropped off in the back of the school.  
    • Students eating breakfast may enter through the front doors and go downstairs to the gym. 
    • School begins at 8:20 a.m. Students who arrive after 8:20 are considered tardy and must check in at the school office before going to class.

    Entering the Building: lower and upper pod classrooms

    • All students enter the building when instructed by their teacher via the outside classroom doors or via their exterior staircase. Until then, students are expected to wait in an orderly manner. Students should not play on the playground before school.
    • Students dropped off from private vehicles enter the building via exterior classroom doors.

    Exiting the Building: lower and upper pod classrooms

    • All students exit through their exterior classroom door.
    • Siblings and friends should plan to meet at predetermined outside locations, such as outside their classroom door staircase (students are not permitted to travel within the building to other classes to pick up siblings or friends).
    • Students waiting for rides should stand back away from the curb or sit on the benches provided.
    • Students should leave classrooms promptly so they can catch their buses or use safety patrol services. Buses leave about seven minutes after school is out.

    After-school Activities

    • Students who attend after-school clubs (i.e. ASB, chorus) will wait on the benches out front for their rides, with their activity advisor.
    • Students cannot stay after school unless they have staff and parent permission.


    • Students or parents can deposit lunch money into their accounts before school at the front office. Students with money in their accounts will be served first at lunch followed by those who come to the lunchroom at lunchtime with their cash or checks.
    • All students have a 35-minute lunch and recess period.


    During recess students are expected to:

    • Be well-clothed for weather conditions.
    • Remain in the boundaries established.
    • Play on the big toys and in the sport court according to the rules.
    • Use equipment as instructed.
    • Be respectful to others (including keeping hands and feet to selves).
    • Line up when the whistle sounds at the end of recess
    • Obtain bathroom passes from the playground supervisor to use the restrooms.

    Travel During the School Day

    • Students are required to have a hall pass when leaving the classroom.
    • The use of the elevator is by permission only.
    • Students must have a valid hall pass to come into the main building during lunchtime.
    • Students are not allowed in classrooms during lunchtime unless they are with an adult.
    • Students should stay to the right side when using the staircase.

    General Student Behavior

    • Gum is not permitted.
    • Hats are not to be worn in the building.
    • Toys/belongings that do not relate to classroom instruction/learning should not be at school.
    • The PineCrest folder is our school procedure for sending information to and from school. This includes newsletters, student work, etc.

    Dress Code

    Students should dress in a manner that

    • Is not disruptive to the educational process
    • Is not offensive to others
    • Is not revealing (midriff should be covered)

    Specifically, tank tops (need fabric on the shoulder 2-inches wide). short shorts/skirts (shorts/skirts must be longer than student's fingertips when their arms are down at their sides), sagging pants or clothing advertising illegal substances are not permitted. Shoes should be worn daily that are appropriate for PE and recess.

    Travel to School

    Students are not allowed to ride bikes to school.Skateboards and scooters are not allowed at school either.